My Projects

Active Development

Phone Water Cooler

A way to keep ridershare drivers cool

A water cooled phone mount to prevent drivers' phone from overheating.

Initial prototype was cobbled from basic materials, but established a good PoC.

Next step is to nail down a version with 3d printed parts, and begin consumer
feedback and testing.


Json Data Schema/Data Source

A tool for creating json data sources capable of describing data, it's structure, and how it can be used

Next Steps

InApp User and Pay Server

A third party payment and user management server for html games

As more games take to the web and html expands capabilities in the VR/XR realm, a third party solution to User Management and In App purchases will enable these developers and applications to remain focused on their front end users.

Infinite Civilization

Another mobile game focusing on building multi-stage civilizations

Infinite Civilization is an idle game combining aspects of Civilization, A Matter of Scale and the Anno series


An user interface generator

A tool used to create user interfaces based off of json files. This can be used to create a personal client side user interface by loading from multiple remote and independent servers.


An Entity/Component Game Engine for Web Workers

A custom developed game engine to work inside web workers, freeing the gui up for it's tasks. This can allow more advanced games while still maintaining a responsive website.


A context aware command synthesizer

This will be a companion solution to ChameleonGUIjs. While Chameleon focuses on what to display, CephlaComm focuses on what the user is intending to do with the displayed data and available commands.

Near Future

XR Dev environment

An IDE built into XR

A developer environment existing in Virtual/Augmented Reality leveraging my prior tools to create a "plug and play" coding experience.

VR/XR Game

Why not one game for both?

The technologies I have developed upto this point can now be used to rapidly developed a mutli-modal cross-device game.
There are many ideas in my head already, but let's not put the cart before the horse.

General Purpose Software Delineated Intelligence

A digital personal assistant

This purpose of this project is to build a general purpose AI that is capable of understanding human language, as well as established specifications like building codes, software protocols, and social laws. This will be capable of assisting with a wide variety of tasks including project design and development; potentially even leading to a recurvise growth function of development.



Would you give away your most ambitions idea?

A grandiose project that only those close to me are in on at the moment

My Purpose

My goal in computing is to create a series of tools that focus on increasing simplicity and reduce repitition in developing software.

My own progress thus far has been impacted by complex frameworks and new features requiring changes in multiple places.

This industry prides itself on efficiency, but I have seen changes and advancements that increase complexity.

I want to create tools and frameworks that can be used to describe and generate quality applications.


Use those techniques to create virtual reality development environments and general purpose AIs.